15 May 2019
Northern Products Antique Tumbled Block Lite

There and many decisions that go into building a new business from the ground up. The location, branding, staffing, and inventory are all major considerations. A decision that can’t be overlooked however, is the actual material you plan to be building with. It is important to choose a sustainable material that will not only match your aesthetic, but is built to last. One of the best options to check off both style and sturdiness are blocks. Read on to learn why blocks are an excellent choice for your business.


  • Perfect for all Seasons:


Blocks are highly insulated, protecting against outside heat or cold. This allows your business to maintain a comfortable temperature year round, and reserve energy in the process. Blocks are also resistant to cracking, crumbling or expanding of extreme temperatures, unlike poured concrete and wood.  


  • Built to Last


One of the strongest building materials, blocks are able to withstand most natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricane winds. Blocks are also fire resistant and unlikely to collapse.


  • Soundproof


Protect your business from the distractions of noisy streets and construction, with these insulated block walls. Virtually soundproof, blocks are an ideal option in Phoenix’s busy areas.


  • Range of Selection


Block-Lite offers a wide range of decorative finishes, making our blocks not only be a sturdy building material, but a stylish one as well. From a standard smooth finish to trendy split face, fluted or stri-face styles, you’ll find the perfect look to complete your project.  Blocks accept nearly any color or stucco as well, making it a versatile material for your business’s exterior.

Our full list of block units:

  • Smooth
  • Split face
  • Ground face (burnished)
  • Vertical Score smooth
  • Vertical score split face
  • Bullnose
  • Fluted
  • Slump block
  • Stri-face (founders finish)
  • Flashed
  • Fence Block

Let Block-Lite take the guesswork out masonry products for you. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge in working with distributors, contractors, architects and city regulations. If you are in the Phoenix area and looking to build a business, call Block-Lite to learn how we can be of service.


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