DYNAMORTAR is an all-purpose masonry cement suitable for use in the production of ASTM C 270 Type S masonry mortar.

Northern Arizona Products Dynamortar Block Lite

Phoenix Cement DYNAMORTAR meets all requirements of the current ASTM Specification C 91 and UBC Standard 21-11 and IBC 2103.7 for Type S masonry cement. In addition, DYNAMORTAR meets the requirements of UBC Standard 25-1 for Plastic Cement.


Laboratory prepared specimens made with DYNAMORTAR produce compressive strengths well in excess of those
required by ASTM C 270 for masonry mortar.


Special additions to the formulation give DYNAMORTAR the high plasticity and water retention required in the hot, dry southwestern climate.

Board Life:

Extended board-life reduces the need for retempering and provides superior bond to masonry units.


With all ingredients carefully premixed at the plant, DYNAMORTAR is consistent in strength, workability and color. The use of DYNAMORTAR requires no addition of lime or any other plasticizing agents at the time of mixing. This property provides users with the highest reliability in strength, workability, water retention, and consistent architectural performance.


Less waste and fewer jobsite additions using DYNAMORTAR result in increased production, thereby increased profits.