04 Jun 2019
Northern Arizona Hardscape Holland Stone BlockLite

At Block-Lite, we believe every stone, brick and block should reflect your business’ vision. After all, your exterior is the first impression a visitor receives of your company. As a full-service block producer, our masonry products are the finest in the industry, standing out in both form and function.

When selecting Block-Lite as your masonry provider, you receive the following benefits:


  • Longevity of Product: First and foremost, our masonry products are built to last. Designed to exceed the highest standard of strength and safety in the industry, Block-Lite is dedicated to crafting products contractors, architects and owners will be proud to use.
  • Timeless Style: Our wide selection of quality products allows architects see their vision to fruition. Whether it is a patio, industrial building or brand new restaurant, customers can choose through a multitude of classic options to pick the right match.
  • Versatile Work: At Block-Lite, there’s no project too big or small. Our team works on commercial, residential, manufacturing and municipal projects.
  • Expertise in the Industry: For over 50 years, Block-Lite has been serving as Arizona’s trusted masonry provider. We are dedicated to building relationships with construction and industry professionals and bring these relationships, along with our wealth of knowledge, to every project we do. Our team has seen it all, and is here to share our resources with you.
  • Family Owned and Operated:  For three generations, Block-Lite has been owned and ran by family. Excellence in masonry is passed down, and so is our value on creating a family environment. Every project we take on is handled by a trusted staff member who treats your success like their own.



Block-Lite Masonry Products

It is our goal at Block-Lite to offer the best product in the Phoenix Metro-Area, our team is committed to offering a variety of block products that you can trust in.

Concrete Masonry Units for commercial, residential or manufacturing projects.

Brick in a variety of elegant styles.

Bagged products such as commercial grade mortars, cements, and grouts.

Steel reinforcement, from bolts to angle irons and beyond.

Aggregates for field mixing mortars and cements, or used in compacted base applications.

Tools & accessories whether you are working on remodeling your bathroom or remodeling an apartment complex, we offer a wide range of tools and accessories.

Call Block-Lite today to speak with an expert about your masonry product needs.

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