Chemstar Lime in Flagstaff

Chemstar Lime is available in 50 lb. packages Type S Lime is compatible with most types of clay bricks and concrete. This Type S lime is also resistant to water penetration. Excellent compatibility with all types of clay bricks and concrete masonry units.

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When it comes to workability, boardlife, and sand carrying capacity, nothing is better than a cement-lime mortar with Chemstar Type S lime. And nothing enhances the quality and productivity of your masonry project like Chemstar Type S lime. By specifying Chemstar Type S lime, you are providing your customers with the best flexural bond strength and resistance to water penetration available.

No wonder it is the market leader.

Chemstar sets the standard:

While cement-lime mortar is superior to other compositions, mortar made with Chemstar Type S lime is clearly a cut above the rest. Produced from the calcination of high quality dolomite and subsequent pressure hydration of the resulting quicklime, Chemstar Type S lime meets or exceeds all applicable standards, including:

• ASTM C 207
• ASTM C 206 (Henderson and New Braunfels production) • Uniform Building Code (UBC) standard 21-13
• International Building Code (IBC) 2000, 2103.7

As a result of their very small size (1/100th of a micron) the Chemstar Type S lime particles have very special properties which yield the following, significant benefits:

• Prolonged cement hydration for increased boardlife
• Excellent water retention
• Use of marginal mortar sand, as every grain is fully coated
• Maximum sand yield
• Superior workability
• Improved mortar consistency due to high dispersing properties.

Chemstar meets the code:

Building codes, including IBC and UBC standards, recognize the flexural bond strength of cement-lime mortars. Unreinforced masonry walls built using cement-lime mortars are allowed by code to accommodate a lateral load (i.e., seismic or wind driven) 67% greater than either masonry cement or mortar cement. In fact, masonry cement is not even allowed in seismic zones because of its deficiencies in bond strength. Chemstar Type S lime goes a step further by helping to knit the mortar to the masonry unit surface. This enhances the bond and promotes the early hydration of the cement, assuring full development of mortar strength during the first few critical days.

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