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About Block-Lite in Flagstaff, AZ

Our History Starts in Arizona

Block-Lite in Flagstaff is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business. Purchased by the Ross family in 1995, Block-Lite has been a leader in quality and innovation. This tradition of excellence has been passed down from our grandparents with continued success through the hard work of our parents. We put high stakes in family values and strive to include them in our day to day operations. Block-Lite is also blessed with an extremely experienced and reliable staff. Because of these factors the knowledge and efficiency in manufacturing and selling our products is one of the highest in the industry.

Mission Statement

Block-Lite exists to equip our customers with high grade masonry and hardscape products, that are both durable and sustainable, along with the knowledge and resources to implement them. Our company strives to be efficient, organized, and innovative while providing quality and viable products. We do this in every effort to emphasize a family atmosphere in the masonry industry and as a company to invest in our staff, customers, and community.

Vision Statement

Setting the benchmark for masonry products in Arizona with a family feel.

Our Values

Self-Motivated: Aware of what tasks to be done for your job, and completing those tasks. Be willing to Jump in and help others without being asked.

Hard Working: Stay on task. Go above and beyond what’s required. Help motivate others around you. Be fully engaged. 

Loyal: Show buy-in to the company’s mission/vision/values. Be committed to the team; have each other’s backs regardless of department. No gossip; problems go up to supervisor, compliments get spread around.

Dependable: Value other peoples’ time; show up on time, stick to the schedule because it affects everybody. Know what needs to be done. Give consistent results. Follow through with what you say.

Efficient: Be organized, systemized and focused. Be attentive to the task at hand. Balance getting the task done with quality but not at expense of efficiency. Use clear, concise communication. Follow procedures.

Adaptable: Be flexible; willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to work well with others. Be willing to switch gears and perform tasks that may not be in your job description.

Trustworthy – Be honest; own up to your mistakes, take responsibility for your actions. Be willing to ask for help. Don’t steal; time, tools or products.

Respectful: Use proper communication. Golden Rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. Uphold the face of the company. Act in a way that is in alignment with company values.

Family: Care for others:(Staff, Customers, Vendors). Show appreciation; verbally and with actions. Be there for life events. Connect across departments. Give others opportunities for growth.  

Innovative: Be Forward-thinking; Research and development, listening to others. Stay ahead of industry trends. Be willing to change; implement new technology. 

Meet Our Team

Ryan Team Photo Block Lite Flagstaff
Ryan Ross
CEO / Owner
Christy Team Photo Block Lite Flagstaff
Christy Maycumber
Financial Officer / Owner
Ben Team Photo Block Lite Flagstaff
Ben Kurtze
Sales & Marketing Officer
Curtis Team Photo Block Lite Flagstaff
Curtis Knott
Production Officer
Dave Team Photo Block Lite Flagstaff
Dave Mizer
Business Operations Officer
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Latest News & Updates

Stay up to date with the latest news and announcements through our blog.

Randy and Debbie Mews
Flagstaff, AZ
“As Flagstaff homeowners, Block-Lite has always been our go to place for all of our masonry and landscaping projects. Over the past few summers we've completed several projects including 2 patios with walkways, a courtyard, and several retaining walls. All of our pavers, block, and cottage stone came from Block-lite. As highly satisfied customers we'd like to thank Block-Lite for providing homeowners and contractors alike with quality products at an affordable price. ”
Dustin Mast
Flag Landscaping, Inc.
"Block Lite is our preferred vendor for all our paver and block needs. Not only is the staff very knowledgeable and friendly, but very efficient in their loading and deliveries. My crew loves buying from them as it is a much easier and faster process than other suppliers. And to top it off they are local and have very competitive prices!"

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