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20 Oct 2018
Northern Arizona Brick Hardscape Masonry BlockLite
Aggregate is one of the three components that make up concrete. The aggregate mixture plays a heavy role in the final concrete product and typically consists of sand, gravel, and/or pea gravel. When you combine the mixture with cement, the unique properties create concrete. What Is Aggregate? Aggregate is the specific cocktail of sand, rocks,...
10 Oct 2018
Block Lite Outdoor Kits
Outdoor living kits, or outdoor living features, are becoming a popular way to create additional living space on your property. Outdoor kitchens, grilling area, and fire pits are some of the main outdoor living kit concepts. Adding one of these features to your home not only offers a focal point for your outdoor living but...
27 Jul 2018
Block Lite Outdoor Oven
At Block-Lite, in Flagstaff, Arizona, we offer a large variety of outdoor features that are fast, easy, and affordable to install in your backyard. Whether you want an outdoor fireplace or a patio barbeque area, Block-Lite is sure to have the perfect addition to your outdoor landscape. When ordering these outdoor kits, you may have many...
27 Jul 2018
Block Lite Outdoor Kits
If you’re looking for a wonderful addition to your outdoor living space and live in the Flagstaff, Arizona area, Block-Lite may be the company for you. Block-Lite offers affordable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living kits, from barbeque and outdoor dining sets to fireplaces. If you’re still undecided about if you should get one of our outdoor...
21 Jun 2018
Construction Site
In an analysis of the U.S. Department of Labor’s producer price indexes and employment cost indexes, the Associated General Contractors of America found that material prices rose nearly 9% from May 2017 to May 2018 — the biggest annual increase in seven years — despite an only 4.2% increase in the price of construction for...
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