Concrete Masonry Units

Concrete Masonry Units in Arizona

When it comes to designing a structure that requires high performance and low maintenance, while also providing beautiful architectural detail, Concrete masonry units have stood the test of time in their ability to deliver. CMU’s provide unmatchable performance in safety, strength, and longevity. And when purposely designed can create timeless beauty.

Block-Lite stocks a large selection of standard concrete masonry units and we can manufacture a wide variety of special order units. These units can be made using a wide variety of mix designs. These mix designs are made up of various combinations of the following specifications; weight classification, aggregate type and size, integral color, integral water repellent, flashed color, and other specialty admixtures. Units may also be uniquely machined or further processed to obtain a wide variety face styles and textures. These include; smooth face, split face, ground face, shot blast, striated-face, flashed color, vertical score, fluted, bullnose, slump, tumbled, and more.

Flagstaff Arizona Smooth Block BlockLite


Northern Arizona Face Brick Block Lite

Split Face

Northern Arizona Brick Masonry Block Lite

Ground Face (Burnished)

Northern Arizona Brick flagstaff Block Lite

Stri-face (Founders Finish)

Flagstaff Arizona Hardscape Masonry Block Lite


Flagstaff Arizona Slump bock BlockLite

Slump Block

Flagstaff Arizona Fence Hardscape Block Lite

Fence Block

Flagstaff Arizona Brick Masonry Block Lite

Vertical Score Smooth

Flagstaff Arizona Brick Products Block Lite

Vertical Score Split Face

Northern Arizona bull nose featured Block Lite


Flagstaff Arizona Fluted Hardscape Block Lite


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