Application For Charge Account

Application For Charge Account

  • Owners, Officers Or Partners

    We must have Social Security #'s for identity and security purposes. Please fill in all information.
  • References

  • The applicant warrants the information contained in this application, including all attachments, is true and correct and acknowledges that Block-Lite may rely upon this information in determining the Applicant's creditworthiness pursuant to this agreement. Applicant authorizes Block-Lite to obtain whatever credit information it deems necessary to make this determination.
  • Open Account Contract

    In consideration of Block-Lite Company inc., an Arizona corporation, agreeing to permit the undersigned, hereinafter called Customer, to change materials and services on an open account Customer agrees to pay all bills in full per invoices on the 10th of the month following the purchase. Accounts not paid by the 10th of the month following purchase are in default unless written extension is given to the Customer. Customer agrees to pay interest on any account in default at the rate of 1.5% per month. Interest accrues from the date of default. In the event of non-payment of any sums due under this agreement or any written extensions, the agreement is breached and the Custer is in default. Upon default the entire principal balance and accrued service charges are immediately due and payable, whether or not written demand is made. In the event an attorney is retained to enforce the terms of this agreement by suit or otherwise, the party not in breach thereof shall be entitled to recover from the other party all collections costs, attorney fees, after accruing cost of collection and other necessary expense incurred in enforcing this agreement. The undersigned hereby agrees that venue for any litigation arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be a court located in Flagstaff, Arizona, and hereby expressly waives any objection to this choice of venue. The undersigned individual represents that he is duly and legally authorized to sign this agreement in the capacity indicated, binding himself personally and individually, and also binding any partnership or corporation in whose behalf this agreement is made, Block-Lite Company, Inc., reserves the right at any time, without notice and without cause, to terminate all further credit to customer at their sole and exclusive option. Customer authorizes all employees, agents, and independent contractors who pick up or receive materials or services in Customer's name to bide Customer to pay for same pursuant to the terms of this agreement until and unless customer notifies Vlock-Lite Company, Inc., in writing that said employees, agents or independent contractors are no longer so authorized. Any and all signers to this agreement as Customers agree that they are jointly, severally, and personally responsible and liable for all sums due hereunder, in addition to obligating any partnership or corporations indicated. * All Sales are subject to the terms and conditions published in our current price list. ** Block-Lite is not responsible for damage inside curb line.
  • Continuing Guaranty

    In Consideration of BLOCK-LITE at my/our request giving or having given or extending or having extended terms of credit to ____________________________________________________________ hereinafter called debtor, I/we hereby give this continuing guaranty ot VBLOCK-LITE its transferee or assigns, for the payment in full of any indebtedness, direct or contingent, of siad debtor to said BLOCK-LITE up to the amount of ___________________________________________ ($_________________), Plus all costs of collection, attorney's fees, costs of cour guaranty covers any extension of credit that may now be existing, or any renewals thereon, as well as any other or futther extensions of credit that may be made, Incuding renewals there on, during the life of this guaranty; and I/we hereby bind and obligate myself/ourselves, my/our heirs and assigns, of debtor to BLOCK-LITE, jointly and severally, for the payment of siad indebtedness precisely as if the same had been contracted and was due or owing by me/us in person, hereby agreeing to, and binding myself/ourself, my/our heirs and assigns, by all the terms and conditions contained in any note or notes signed or to be signed by of debtor to BLOCK-LITE , making myself/ourselves a party thereto/ and I/we waive all notice of any kind whatsoever in connection with any obligations of the debtor. I/we agree to pay upon demand at any time of debtor to BLOCK-LITE, its transferee or assigns, the full amount of sid indebtedness up to the amount of this guaranty, plus service charges, attorneys' fees, cost of cour and charges, as above set fouth, becoming subrogated in event of payment in full by me/us to the claim of BLOCK-LITE, its transferee and assigns, together with whatever security it may hold against said indebtedness, BLOCK-LITE may extend any obligation of the debtor one or more items and may surrender any securities held by it without notice or consent from me/us, and I/we shall remain at all times bound hereby, notwithstanding such extensions and/or surrender. It is expressly agreed that the continuing guaranty is absolute and complete, and that acceptance and notice of acceptance thereof by BLOCK-LITE are therefore unnecessary and they are hereby expressly waived. The undersigned hereby agrees that venue for any litigation arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be a court located in Flagstaff, Arizona, and hereby expressly waives any objection to this choice of venue. This continuing guaranty shall continue in full force and effect until surrendered and delivered to the undersigned or until a revocation of said continuing guaranty signed by the undersigned, and accepted in writing by said BLOCK-LITE is recorded in the office of County Recorder for Coconino County, Arizona. BLOCK-LITE agrees to surrender said continuing guaranty or accept revocation thereof upon demand by the undersign. Surrender of revocation thereof shall not effect the obligation of the undersigned as to any indebtedness existing at the time of such surrender or revocation. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I/we Have hereunto signed our name(s) on this ____________ day of ___________________, 20_____ Self________________________ Witness:_______________________ Spouse_______________________

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