Outdoor Living Kits

Block-Lite has partnered with NecessoriesTM and is manufacturing their full line a beautiful, all-inclusive outdoor living kits. These kits are a collection of affordable and easy-to-assemble outdoor fireplaces, bars and grills, tables, fire rings, seat walls, pillars, water features and patio kits. Each Necessories outdoor living kit comes packaged with everything you need to build, including pre-cut block, adhesive, accessories, hardware, and easy to read course-by-course assembly instructions. No Cutting, no guessing, no hassles – no problem!


Grand Fireplace

block-lite-outdoor-grand-fireplace-400x400 copy

Contemporary Fireplace

Block Lite Northern Arizona Brick Products

Victorian Fireplace

Flagstaff Arizona Compact Fireplace Block Lite

Compact Fireplace

Northern Arizona Colonial Fireplace Block Lite

Colonial Fireplace

Northern Arizona Grand Island Block Lite

Grand Island Bar Series

Flagstaff Arizona Compact Bar Block Lite

Compact Bars

Northern Arizona Tables Product Block Lite


Flagstaff Arizona Waterfalls Product Block Lite


Grand Fireplace Northern Arizona Block Lite

Grand Fire Ring

Flagstaff Arizona Victorian Fireplace Block Lite

Victorian Fire Ring

Flagstaff Seat wall Product Arizona Block Lite

Seat Walls

Bricks Northern Arizona Product Block Lite


Northern Arizona Products Sizzler Grill BlockLite

Sizzler Grill Cabinet

Northern Arizona Brick Outdoor Oven BlockLite

Outdoor Oven Cabinet

Northern Arizona Brick Hardscape Masonry BlockLite

Island Cabinet

Northern Arizona Brick Hardscape Masonry BlockLite

Side Burner Cabinet

Northern Arizona Products Kitchen Cabinet BlockLite

Refrigerator Cabinet

Arizona Brick Hardscape Masonry Products BlockLite

Prep Center Cabinet

Northern Arizona Brick smoker Cabinet BlockLite

Smoker Cabinet

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