Backyard Waterfall Feature

You don’t need to live on the shore of a lake or beside a babbling brook to enjoy the calming sound of water in your Arizona backyard. With a DIY outdoor waterfall kit from Block-Lite, it’s easy to add the soothing sounds of nature to your landscape in just a few hours and enjoy them for years to come.

Our home outdoor waterfall kits come in several different sizes, so you can choose the design that suits your space. In addition, the easy to assemble above-ground waterfall kits come with all the plumbing components and connectors you’ll need and are practically maintenance-free once installed.

Northern Arizona Compact Waterfall Block Lite


These above-ground outdoor waterfall kits are the ideal solution for outdoor living spaces when in-ground ponds and waterfalls are not suitable. Both the Compact Waterfall Kit and Grand Waterfall Kit include all the plumbing components and connections necessary for installation.

a) Compact Waterfall Kit:

  • 64″ W x 40″ D x 28″ H
  • 850 gallon per hour mag drive pump
  • 26″ square basin
  • 11″ stainless steel spillway
  • Optional LED light kit available in blue or white
  • Requires 120 volt electrical
  • Build time: 3 hours

b) Grand Waterfall Kit:

  • 98″ W x 48″ D x 32″ H
  • 1,350 gallon per hour mag drive pump
  • 48″ half-round basin
  • 23″ stainless steel spillway
  • Optional LED light kit available in blue or white
  • Requires 120 volt electrical
  • Build time: 4 hours

About Outdoor Outdoor Waterfall Feature Kits

Outdoor living kits from Block-Lite are beautiful and budget-friendly, so you can add a stunning water element to your landscape or outdoor living area that looks custom-designed but costs a fraction of the price. Though two people can assemble each DIY outdoor waterfall kit in a single afternoon, friends and neighbors will find it hard to believe the finished product wasn’t installed by a professional.

Everything you need to complete the installation of your waterfall feature is included in the kit, including pre-cut blocks, adhesives, plumbing connections and components, and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

Ease of Use
While it can require heavy equipment and days of labor to dig out an in-ground water feature, our above-ground outdoor waterfall kits are easy to assemble and can be installed from start to finish in a single afternoon.

Above-ground waterfall kits are easier and less expensive to install than in-ground ponds and waterfalls. And, since they require less water and maintenance than standard waterfall and pond designs, they cost far less to use and maintain.

Unlike in-ground ponds, above-ground and pondless waterfalls require very little maintenance, as there are no fish to care for or filters to clean. Once installation is complete, you’ll want to clean the catch basin stones occasionally, but there is little else you will need to do.

In-ground ponds and waterfalls present a potential drowning hazard for children and pets. While children and animals should always be supervised around any outdoor water feature, the risk of falling into an above-ground feature is greatly reduced.

Outdoor Waterfall Feature Kits in Arizona: What You Should Know

Before you install your outdoor waterfall kit, you’ll need to have a certified electrician install a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. You should also obtain any permits required by your city and check with your homeowner’s association for any restrictions or requirements before you begin building. As with all projects involving digging, you should also call your local Dig Safe phone number to have your underground utility lines marked. If you live in Phoenix, Flagstaff, or anywhere else in Arizona, call 811 at least two will business days before you plan to begin, or you can make your 811 ticket request online here.

Other Outdoor Fireplace Pits

Flagstaff Arizona Victorian Fireplace Block Lite

Victorian Fire Ring

The Victorian Fire Ring is a stylish, square alternative to traditional round backyard fire pits. Constructed of high-quality stone bricks and US Park Service-grade steel, the durable and beautiful Victorian Fire Ring is built to withstand the weather so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Flagstaff Arizona Victorian Fireplace Block Lite

Victorian Fireplace

The Victorian Outdoor Fireplace stands more than 6-feet tall and 40-feet wide, making it the ideal mid-sized option for moderate to large outdoor living spaces. The Victorian Fireplace is constructed with durable 2.25” firebricks and a steel firebox insert and can be personalized to suit your space with an optional wood box, hearth kit, and gas burner kit with log set.


Grand Fireplace

Measuring eight feet tall and up to twelve feet wide, the Grand Fireplace makes a stunning centerpiece in spacious backyards and outdoor living areas. Whether you choose the standalone Grand Fireplace Kit or customize it with optional add-on features, the Grand Fireplace will be the favorite gathering spot for friends and family and the envy of all your neighbors.

Northern Arizona Colonial Fireplace Block Lite

Colonial Fireplace

When you’re short on space but don’t want to sacrifice style, the Colonial Outdoor Fireplace is the perfect choice. Measuring a mere six feet tall and three feet wide, the versatile and attractive Colonial fireplace lends classic sophistication to even modestly sized outdoor spaces.

Contact Block-Lite to Learn More About Outdoor Waterfall Feature Kits

Whether you’re looking to add a waterfall to your existing hardscape features, or are looking for a standalone waterfall for your landscape, outdoor waterfall kits from Block-Lite are an attractive, affordable, and efficient solution. Each kit contains all the pre-cut blocks, plumbing components, and adhesives you need to complete assembly, along with easy-to-follow instructions to guide you every step of the way.

At Block-Lite, we’ve been proudly serving customers in our Arizona communities for more than fifty years and across three generations. Whether you’re looking for high-quality masonry and hardscape products or outdoor living kits, our team in Flagstaff, Arizona, is always happy to offer the insight and advice you need to find the products you need. Are you thinking of adding a DIY outdoor waterfall kit to your backyard or landscape? Contact Block-Lite today!

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