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DIY Outdoor Compact Stone Fireplace Kits for Sale in Flagstaff

Light up your outdoor living space and chase away the evening chill with the modern Compact Fireplace from Block Lite. With its timeless style and humble footprint, the Compact stone fireplace makes the ideal focal point in patios and yards of all sizes in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and across Arizona.

Our Compact Outdoor Fireplace Kits are an attractive, affordable, and easy-to-assemble option for homeowners looking to upgrade their outdoor living space. Each kit comes with step-by-step instructions along with pre-cut blocks and all the adhesives and components you’ll need to complete construction in as little as one day.

Northern Arizona Brick Compact Sketch BlockLite


Measuring over six feet tall and three feet wide, both the outdoor gas Compact Fireplace and wood-burning compact fireplace designs are ideal for homeowners looking to add to their outdoor entertaining area without sacrificing a lot of space. Though it boasts a small footprint, the Compact Fireplace is big on style. Its aged appearance and sophisticated profile have the polished look of a professionally installed outdoor fireplace but can be installed by two people in under a day.

Each Compact Fireplace Kit includes everything you need to complete installation, including durable high-temp protective firebricks, easy-to-follow instructions, and necessary adhesives and components. An optional wood box kit, hearth kit, and gas burner and logset are also available so you can personalize your design to suit your space and needs perfectly.

Compact Fireplace Kit:

  • 40″ W x 32″ D x 70″ H
  • 2.25″ protective fire brick

Compact Wood Box Kit: (optional)

  • 32″ W x 32″ D x 34″ H
  • Available left or right side

Compact Hearth Kit: (optional)

  • 40″ W x 12″ D x 6″ H

Scarlet Oak Gas Log Set: (optional)

  • 12 pc set w/304 stainless grate and burner – 18″ system, 75,000 Btu, natural gas, or LP
  • Pilot light with safety thermocouple

About Compact Fireplace:

The Compact Outdoor Fireplace pairs a timeless silhouette with a modest footprint, making it the perfect centerpiece for outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas. Whether you’re building a quiet place to unwind at the end of a long day or want to provide a place for friends and family to gather long after the sun goes down, the versatile and attractive Compact Fireplace is an attractive and affordable feature that will complete any space.

The Compact Gas Fireplace and Wood-burning Fireplace Kits offer an attractive, affordable, and durable alternative to expensive custom-designed stone features. And, unlike costly custom designs, the Compact Outdoor Fireplace can be installed by two people in as little as one day without any cutting, guesswork, or hassles/

Outdoor Fireplaces in Arizona: What You Should Know

Before you install your Compact Fireplace in Arizona or anywhere else, you’ll need to be aware of any state or local ordinances that might affect the use or installation of your outdoor fireplace. If your neighborhood belongs to a homeowner’s association, they may have further rules that you’ll need to consider. A range of factors, including the size and location of your outdoor fireplace, can influence whether your city will require you to submit building plans or obtain a permit before you can begin installation. In general, outdoor fireplaces and firepits should be installed at least ten feet from any structures or vegetation. Still, state and local ordinances may require a greater distance or other considerations.

You’ll also need to be aware of fire restrictions on the local, city, and state levels. For example, many Arizona neighborhoods don’t require a permit for recreational backyard fires as long as they are fueled by gas or clean, dry wood. However, local fire ordinances are frequently updated in response to environmental and health conditions and may be restricted during the dry season, depending on your neighborhood.

Other Outdoor Fireplace Pits

Flagstaff Arizona Victorian Fireplace Block Lite

Victorian Fire Ring

The Victorian Fire Ring is constructed with a US Park Service-grade steel insert and high-quality stone blocks to withstand the elements year after year. With its sharp lines and sophisticated style, the Victorian Fire Ring will elevate the appeal of any outdoor space, providing fun and warmth to you and your family for years to come.

Flagstaff Arizona Victorian Fireplace Block Lite

Victorian Fireplace

The mid-sized Victorian Fireplace measures more than 6 feet tall and four feet wide and pairs traditional design with a stately silhouette. Each Victorian Fireplace Kit comes complete with a steel firebox insert and pre-cut 2.25” firebrick and can be customized with an optional wood box, hearth kit, and gas burner kit with log set.


Grand Fireplace

With its impressive profile and classic design, the Grand Fireplace is sure to be the crowning jewel of any outdoor entertaining space. At more than 8 feet tall, the Grand Fireplace boasts a stainless-steel wood-burning insert and is adaptable to both natural and LP glass. In addition, an optional wood box, hearth kit, gas burner, and log set are available so you can fully customize the Grand Fireplace to meet all your needs.

Grand Gas Fire Ring

Grand Gas Fire Ring

Measuring 12” high and 48” around, the Grand Fire Ring is sure to suit any outdoor entertaining design, no matter the size of your yard. In addition, the Grand Fire Ring has a 31” internal diameter, which meets most Arizona city fire codes. This smokeless and ashless gas fire ring kit may also suit those living in neighborhoods with open burning restrictions.

Contact Block-Lite to Learn More About Compact Fireplace

No matter your outdoor entertaining plans, a Colonial Fireplace kit from Block-Lite is the ideal final addition to tie your design together. Each kit comes with all the high-quality building components you’ll need, plus step-by-step directions, so you can complete most installations in under one day.

Block-Lite has been proud to serve our community for more than fifty years. We provide the highest quality outdoor living kits, hardscaping, and masonry products across Northern Arizona, backed by a team of experts who is always happy to offer their insight and advice. So if you’re thinking of adding a Compact Outdoor Fireplace to our outdoor kitchen or entertaining space, contact Block Lite today.

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