Grand Gas Fire Ring

DIY Outdoor Grand Gas Fire Ring Kits for Sale in Flagstaff

An outdoor living space should be a comfortable and attractive environment that draws you in. It’s a home away from home where you want to spend time and enjoy the simpler things. Whether gathering with friends, hosting an event, or just having a cool and casual evening, this is the spot where the magic happens.

People relaxing and having a good time is the ultimate goal. Maximize the enjoyment of this space by modernizing the elements with an outdoor gas fireplace. It’s the perfect addition for a peaceful, out-of-home experience.

The Grand Gas Fire Ring is a focal point for lasting memories. It makes the days run longer and brings friends and family closer together. It adds ambiance to any outdoor space and tempers the atmosphere with warmth and light. These are the cherished moments that turn a backyard into your own personal getaway.

Looking for minimal cleanup? The convenience of the Grand Gas Fire Ring cannot be beat. It burns at full capacity in seconds and can be turned off instantly. There’s no hassle of ashes or drowning a fire.

The outdoor gas fireplace kits come with everything you need to start hosting today, from pre-assembled fittings and connections to 50 pounds of lava rock. The push-button electronic ignition means that even when unexpected guests pop in, the pit will be roasty toasty in minutes.

A DIY gas fire pit is the perfect solution for a polished look in any size or style.

Gas Fire Ring


  • 48” diameter x 20” high
  • Push-button electronic ignition
  • 65,000 max Btu/hr, natural gas or LP
  • Thermo-couple auto shut-off safety feature
  • #304 stainless steel construction
  • All connections and fittings preassembled
  • 50 lbs. lava rock
  • Optional Fire Ring Cap — chiseled edge, eight-piece, 2.25″ H
  • Optional Ceramic Log Set

About Outdoor Gas Fire Ring Kits

An outdoor gas fire pit adds value to your home. While artificial light has a functional purpose, the natural illumination from the Grand Gas Fire Ring transforms your space with a peaceful ambiance.

However, these gas fire pits aren’t just designed to improve aesthetics. There are many reasons why they are far more efficient than wood.

Ease of Use

Igniting an outdoor gas fireplace is much easier than lighting logs. Forget about matches, kindle, or flammable fluids. If you want to start a fire, simply use the push-button ignition. Regardless of how windy or rainy it’s been, a gas-powered fire pit can light up in seconds.


The cost of wood-burning fireplaces runs about $190 annually to produce the same number of BTUs as a gas fire pit. Since natural gas is a fairly inexpensive form of energy, a gas fire pit is cheaper to operate and upkeep.


The Grand Gas Fire Ring has minimal to no cleanup. Unlike a wood fireplace where you’re dealing with ashes and soot, a gas-powered pit produces no waste. There’s no need to worry about a messy cleanup.


If you’re shopping around for gas fire pit ideas, safety is another top of the list. A gas fire pit is a more secure way to add the element of fire to your outdoor living space. There aren’t any traveling embers or flying sparks. Due to this, a gas fireplace can be safely used next to outdoor patios and furniture.

Outdoor Gas Fires in Arizona: What You Should Know

If you live in Flagstaff, Phoenix, or Prescott Valley, you’re most likely familiar with the fire restrictions in place. These restrictions are typically related to wood-burning fires. However, state and local ordinances always vary by city and region.

For example, residents in Phoenix can enjoy recreational fires without a permit, while local fire restrictions in Flagstaff are rather arbitrary.

One thing you should note, gas fires are generally allowed, even during a restricted fire season. This means you’ll be able to use the Grand Gas Fire Ring any time of year, without limitations. Rest assured you aren’t breaking any rules.

Other Outdoor Fireplace Kits


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Modern and clean lines make the Contemporary Fireplace a sophisticated addition to your outdoor living space. It features a wireless electronics ignition and a clear glass windscreen.

Flagstaff Arizona Victorian Fireplace Block Lite

Victorian Fireplace

The Victorian Fireplace brings an air of class to any outdoor landscape. Measuring more than 4 feet tall with 2.25” firebrick around the firebox, it makes a bold first impression.

Flagstaff Arizona Grand Fireplace Block Lite

Grand Fireplace

The Grand Fireplace serves as the pride and joy centerpiece for your outdoor living room. It comes with everything you need from pre-cut blocks to adhesives and instructions.

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Colonial Fireplace

A Colonial Fireplace has traditional styling with a laid-back appeal. It reaches 70” high with 2.25″ of protective fire brick and has the option for a Hearth or Wood Box Kit.

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