Grand Fire Ring

DIY Outdoor Stone Grand Fire Ring Kits for Sale in Flagstaff

The Grand Fire Ring makes the perfect centerpiece to any intimate gathering place. Measuring 48” round and 12” high, it’s suited to both small and large yards alike, adding charm and warmth wherever it’s installed. The heavy-duty 31” fire ring insert is constructed using the same steel as the US National Park Service and meets most Arizona city fire codes.

The kit comes with everything you need for assembly, including drum-tumbled Rockwood fire ring blocks, solid steel fire pit ring, and landscape block adhesive. Optional spark screen and swivel cooking grate are also available, as is a gas fire pit option for those in neighborhoods with open burning restrictions.


The Grand Fire Ring is built to last a lifetime using high-quality Rockwood fire ring block and a U.S. Park Service grade steel insert.

Grand Fire Ring Kit:

  • 48”W x 12” H (31”interior dia.)
  • Approximate weight: 1,050 lbs
  • Number of Pallets: 1
  • Builds in under one hour w/2 unskilled people
  • 31” dia. Meets the majority of city fire code
  • Heavy 7 gauge steel insert protects block


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Northern Arizona Fire Ring Block Lite

How to Install a Grand Fire Ring Fire Pit

Once you’ve identified the proper placement for your firepit, installation is easy and can be completed in under an hour.

Step one: Prep the ground.

Level the area and draw a ring for the fire pit before digging down approximately three inches. Ensure the excavated area is level, then fill with gravel and sand and compact with a hand tamper. If you are installing on an existing concrete slab or paver base, skip to step 2.

Step two: Lay the first level of 19 pavers.

Lay the steel ring in the prepped area and begin laying pavers around it, hammering them level and into place with a mallet. Remove the steel ring.

Step three: Lay the second and third layers of pavers.

Apply landscape block adhesive to the underside of a paver and lay it at the connection of two pavers below. Repeat this process until the second and third rows are complete.

Step four: Finish assembly.

Re-insert the steel ring and level all pavers into place using the mallet. Add sand and gravel to the base until all interior paver surfaces and at least 1” of the steel ring insert are covered. To allow the adhesive to dry, wait 72 hours before using your fire pit.

About Outdoor Fireplace Pits

Outdoor fire pits come in many shapes and sizes and can be freestanding or permanent features of your home’s landscape. When chosen thoughtfully and installed with care, they can bring you and your family enjoyment for years to come.

Before installing your Grand Fire Ring, be sure to check for city ordinances and homeowner’s association bylaws for any permits required or restrictions on fire pit placement. Generally, fire pits should be situated at least 10 feet away from buildings and vegetation, even if there is no ordinance mandating it.

As with any project involving digging, you should call 811 to have utility lines marked before beginning your DIY fire pit installation.

Outdoor Fires in Arizona: What You Should Know

Beyond zoning ordinances restricting where you can place an outdoor fire pit, your city or neighborhood may also:

  • Limit the types of fires allowed
  • Limit when fires are permitted
  • Prohibit open burning altogether

These restrictions may change depending on current environmental and health conditions, so it’s essential to understand how they may influence not only your purchase of an outdoor fire pit but also its use once installed.

In parts of Phoenix, for example, many types of recreational fires do not require a permit. However, you may only burn clean, dry wood or gaseous fuels and are still subject to state and county No Burn Days. Meanwhile, residents in some Maricopa County regions may not burn residential fires at all between May 1 – September 30, regardless of the fire’s purpose or fuel source. You can learn more about these restrictions here.

Similarly, Flagstaff residents may burn small campfires in certain circumstances, but permits are required for others. State and local fire restrictions will limit what you can burn throughout the year in Flagstaff and may prohibit it entirely, particularly during the dry season when burn bans are in effect.

Other Outdoor Fireplace Pits

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Victorian Fire Ring

The Victorian Fire Ring is constructed with the same strong, safe materials as the Grand Fire Ring but takes on a square form. This stylish option measures 12” high and 48” on all four sides, includes a heavy-gauge, solid-steel insert, and has an optional swivel cooking grate.

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