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DIY Outdoor Compact Stone Bar Kits for Sale in Flagstaff

If you’ve always dreamed about extending your outdoor living space, a stone bar opens the door to entertaining. There’s no better way to get together with friends, relax, take it all in, and enjoy the scenery.

Whether it’s a classic barbeque, kid’s party, or upscale wine pairing, this is the type of backyard addition that has everyone engaged.

Easy-to-assemble, outdoor living kits are the perfect solution to creating a captivating, charismatic place for people to gather. Block-Lite manufactures an extensive collection of DIY kits that are not only affordable, but built to last.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting an intimate gathering or an all-out bash, the compact stone bar kit allows homeowners to build an attractive and functional bar for any occasion.


A compact bar is designed to create pop-up entertainment in even the tightest of spaces. That’s what makes our DIY stone bar such a popular choice for any hardscape project.

If you’re in the planning and measuring stages, it’s important to have some schematics. You won’t need a ton of tools, just the materials.

Here’s what to expect with the DIY stone compact bar kit:

  • Dimensions include: 48″ W x 24″ D x 38″ H
  • Modern backsplash designn
  • An 8 sq ft chiseled edge bar top

The bar can also be constructed with either a closed front or a 20-inch-wide opening.

Northern Arizona Compact Bars Sketch BlockLite

About Outdoor Stone Bar

Ease of Use

Outdoor masonry is simplified using prefab table kits. There’s never any heavy lifting, bulky equipment, cutting, guessing, or hassles involved! Simply follow the directions with our pre-cut pieces, and assembly is a breeze. It’s like playing with a giant set of Legos.


Any DIY project is more affordable than professional installation. A prefab, outdoor concrete stone table is a genius solution for dry, arrid, and unpredictable weather in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and other regions of Arizona.

The cost for outdoor stone furniture has a large range, depending on the size, shape, and type of materials. Expect to pay in the thousands for an outdoor stone table that’s delivered and installed. This is what makes prefab kits so affordable.


Just like any other outdoor furniture, your concrete stone table needs upkeep every now and then. To care for a natural stone table and keep debris from settling in, rinse off the top with warm water.

Then use a mild detergent to scrub the top with a soft, clean sponge or cloth. Do not use anything that will bleed color as stone table tops are naturally porous.


Construction materials can be very heavy and irregularly shaped. Our outdoor, concrete stone tables are precut and fabricated to make installation a breeze. Once your table is set up, it will be virtually impossible for it to tip, fall, or teeter, with such a sound structure.

Regardless, it’s always best practice to walk, not run, around this outdoor equipment and ensure the top is always dry after cleaning.

Outdoor Stone Bar in Arizona: What You Should Know

In custom outdoor designs, block is an incredible material for the harsh elements in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and other parts of Arizona. It’s one of the most popular building materials throughout history, and for good reason. 

Block creates a timeless look that’s durable, long-lasting, and resistant to extreme weather. It’s a versatile and flexible construction material, with high prices only attributed to installation. 

Other Outdoor Kits

Grand Fireplace Northern Arizona Block Lite

Grand Fire Ring

The Grand Fire Ring is a pristine centerpiece for your outdoor living space. Measuring 48” round and 12” high, it’s made from the same steel material as the US National Park Service and meets Arizona city fire codes.

Victorian Fireplace Ring

Grand Gas Fire Ring

The Grand Gas Fire Ring comes with everything you need to start entertaining today, from 30 pounds of lava rock to pre-assembled fittings and connections. The push-button electronic ignition means that even when people drop by, the pit will be roasty toasty in minutes.

Grand Fireplace Kit

Victorian Fireplace

The Outdoor Victorian Fire Ring Kit is a great choice for when traditional round rings don’t fit your aesthetic. With clean lines and square angles, the Victorian Fire Ring adds instant appeal and enduring charm to any outdoor space.


Grand Fireplace

The Grand Fireplace Kit comes with everything needed to create the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. The prefab kit includes pre-cut blocks and components, adhesives, and step by step building instructions to ensure you never waste money on installation.

Contact Block-Lite to Learn More About the Stone Bar

When you hardscape Flagstaff Arizona properties, block is always a prime building material. At Block-Lite, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners facilitate DIY projects in their own space.

Block-Lite proudly serves Arizona communities for over 50 years, delivering high-quality hardscaping and masonry products for three generations.

Our team of experts are here to answer questions, provide guidance, and help you sort through your compact stone bar options to find the perfect solution for your needs— contact us today!

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