Grand Island Bar Series (new)

DIY Outdoor Grand Stone Island Bar for Sale in Flagstaff

Until now, outdoor entertaining has never received so many “ooo’s” and “ahh’s”.

If you’ve always dreamed about extending your outdoor living space, a grand stone island bar is the best place to start. It’s the perfect centerpiece to get together with friends, relax, take it all in, and enjoy nature. Whether it’s a classic barbeque, upscale wine pairing, or kid’s party, this is the type of backyard addition that has everyone engaged and you stocked up.

From serving drinks to hosting an intimate gathering and cleaning up after dinner, the grand stone island bar kit accommodates all your serving styles.


Easy-to-assemble, outdoor stone bar kits are the perfect solution to creating a captivating place for people to gather. Block-Lite manufactures an extensive collection of DIY kits that are not only affordable, but built to last.

For outdoor enthusiasts who love cooking and entertaining, the Grand Island Bar series is a wonderful addition to your backyard.

All kits include:

  • Vermont Castings
  • Three-burner cast iron/stainless steel grill
  • Infrared rotisserie burner
  • Brushed stainless steel storage door

The types of hardscape grand stone island bar kits and accesories we offer include:

Grand Island Bar 8′ Kit:

  • 96″ W x 48″ D x 46″ H

Grand Island Bar/Grill with Storage Kit:

  • 96″ W x 48″ D x 46″ H

Grand Island Bar/Grill with Refrigerator Opening Kit:

  • 96″ W x 48″ D x 46″ H

Grill Surround Kit:

  • For standing grill
  • 60″ opening
  • 96″ W x 48″ D x 46″ H

Corner Return Kit:

  • Makes L-shaped bar/grill
  • 48″ W x 48″ D x 46″ H

Bar Section 4′ Kit:

  • Makes L-shaped bar/grill
  • 48″ W x 48″ D x 46″ H
Northern Arizona Compact Bars Sketch BlockLite

About Outdoor Grand Stone Island Bars

There’s never a need to purchase outdoor furniture, when you can build it. With a stone island bar, easily increase the number of people at your event without the need for rentals.

Ease of Use

Prefab kits simplify outdoor masonry and speed up the process of installing a backyard bar. There’s no heavy equipment, no cutting, or construction required. The directions are easy to follow and there’s no need to hire installers.


DIY kits means there’s zero cost for labor. A stone island bar is an affordable solution to elevating an outdoor entertainment space, and won’t break the bank. Normal prices for outdoor bar installations can range in the thousands.


The more time you spend taking care of your stone island bar, the longer it will last. Maintenance for outdoor bars in Arizona includes both interior and exterior care.

Wiping down the outside once or twice a month is great practice for keeping your bar continuously clean. It’s also a good idea to wash the entire bar with mild soap and water after every event.

Debris can collect inside of a stone island bar, especially on working surfaces. The interior should be cleaned in between every use to ensure the health and safety of your guests.


With the rise in outdoor entertaining spaces, safety must always remain front and center. If your grand stone island bar is located away from the house, it’s a good idea to install exterior lighting. This ensures people stay on the right path to and from the entertaining area, and that no one bumps into the bar, trips, falls, or damages property.

The idea is to provide a fun and safe spot for guests to enjoy the outdoor bar to the fullest.

Outdoor Bar & Grill in Arizona: What You Should Know

In custom outdoor designs, brick is an incredible material for the harsh elements in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and other parts of Arizona. It’s one of the most popular building materials throughout history, and for good reason. 

Brick creates a timeless look that’s durable, long-lasting, and resistant to extreme weather. It’s a versatile and flexible construction material, with high prices only attributed to installation. 

Other Outdoor Kits

Grand Fireplace Northern Arizona Block Lite

Grand Fire Ring

The Grand Fire Ring is a pristine centerpiece for your outdoor living space. Measuring 48” round and 12” high, it’s made from the same steel material as the US National Park Service and meets Arizona city fire codes.

Victorian Fireplace Ring

Grand Gas Fire Ring

The Grand Gas Fire Ring comes with everything you need to start entertaining today, from 30 pounds of lava rock to pre-assembled fittings and connections. The push-button electronic ignition means that even when people drop by, the pit will be roasty toasty in minutes.

Grand Fireplace Kit

Victorian Fireplace

The Outdoor Victorian Fire Ring Kit is a great choice for when traditional round rings don’t fit your aesthetic. With clean lines and square angles, the Victorian Fire Ring adds instant appeal and enduring charm to any outdoor space.


Grand Fireplace

The Grand Fireplace Kit comes with everything needed to create the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. The prefab kit includes pre-cut blocks and components, adhesives, and step by step building instructions to ensure you never waste money on installation.

Contact Block-Lite to Learn More About the Brick Stone Bar

When you hardscape Flagstaff Arizona properties, brick is always a prime building material. At Block-Lite, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners facilitate DIY projects in their own space.

Block-Lite proudly serves Arizona communities for over 50 years, delivering high-quality hardscaping and masonry products for three generations.

Our team of experts are here to answer questions, provide guidance, and help you sort through your compact brick stone bar options to find the perfect solution for your needs— contact us today!

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