Split Face

Split Face Concrete Masonry Units for Sale in Flagstaff

Split Face units provide all the same structural elements as the smooth, but add the appearance of natural stone. The split aggregate provides a unique texture and appearance.

We stock the 4, 6, 8, and 12-inch split face units in a standard grey shown. We also stock our 8-inch line in our Burlap color shown. All units may be special ordered in any of our colors shown. Please contact our sales office for physical color samples, prices, and lead times.

Type 3 Colors

Bone Split Face
Bone #300
Autumn Split Face
Autumn #301
Sunset Split Face
Sunset #306
Pebble Beach Split Face
Pebble Beach #319
Cider Split Face
Cider #320

Standard Colors

San Diego Buff Split Face
San Diego Buff #1
Harvest Gold Split Face
Harvest Gold #2
Terra Cotta Split Face
Terra Cotta #3
Doeskin Split Face
Doeskin #4
Verde Split Face
Verde #5
Red Rock Split Face
Red Rock #6
Ponderosa Brown Split Face
Ponderosa Brown #7
Ponderosa Red Split Face
Ponderosa Red #8
Maroon Split Face
Maroon #9
Burlap Split 10
Burlap #10
Burnt Almond Split Face
Burnt Almond #11
Bark Split Face
Bark #12
Rawhide Split Face
Rawhide #13
Slate Split Face
Slate #14
Ebony Split Face
Ebony #15
Grey Split Face

CMU Material Calculator

Find out how much material you need for your next project with the material calculator below. Contact us if you have any questions or to place an order.

About Our Split Face Concrete Blocks

When it comes to designing a structure that requires high performance and low maintenance, while also providing beautiful architectural detail, Concrete masonry units have stood the test of time in their ability to deliver. CMU’s provide unmatchable performance in safety, strength, and longevity. And when purposely designed can create timeless beauty.

Block-Lite offers a large selection of concrete masonry units. All units can be manufactured using a wide variety of mix designs. These mix designs are made up of various combinations of the following specifications; weight classification, aggregate type and size, integral color, integral water repellant, flashed color, and other specialty admixtures. Units may also be uniquely machined or further processed to obtain a wide variety face styles and textures. These include; smooth face, split face, ground face, shot blast, stri-face, flashed, vertical score, fluted, bullnose, slump, tumbled, and more. We offer a full line of colors that you may view online or feel free to contact us and we will have samples sent directly to you. For questions about special orders items or general questions, please contact our sales office, or inquire online.

Concrete Masonry Units manufactured by Block-Lite are held to the highest standards in the industry. We have the ability to uphold these high standards because of our amazing people, having a team with over 100 years of combined experience in the block manufacturing business! In addition to our quality, is our capacity to produce and our unbeatable service. The model of our company allows us to compete at a high level, as we are big enough to produce volume in nearly every type of CMU available in the market, but we are small enough to adapt and shiftquickly when necessary. This allows us to accommodate our customers better than any of our competitors. We set the bar in quality and service. One other advantage to using our block is that the units we produce are lighter than any of our competitors. Our local materials allow us to produce light weight units that meet or exceed the compression strength and absorption results of any regular block on the market. These lightweight unit’s equal dollars in your pocket, as they reduce labor and freight cost.

More Concrete Blocks to Choose From

Block-Lite has a wide variety of concrete masonry blocks to choose from, including smooth, split face, ground face (burnished), stri-face (founders finish), flashed, slump block, fence block, vertical score (smooth), vertical score (split face), bullnose, and fluted.

Contact our team today with any questions and to place your order.

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