Rebar in Arizona

Our rebar is grade 40 and comes in 20′ lengths and can be purchased by the piece or by the bundle. A rebar cutter is available for customer use.

Looking for higher-grade steel for your commercial construction? We are now offering grade 60 rebar in #5 and #6!

Flagstaff Masonry Products Rebar Block Lite

Rebar is specifically placed in the cavity of the block to add both horizontal and vertical shear strength to a masonry assembly. There are many grades, types, and sizes of rebar and it is important to check your projects specifications to know spacing, type, grade, and size that are required.

  • 3/8 (#3) 266 pieces per bundle
  • 1/2 (#4) 150 pieces per bundle
  • 5/8 (#5) 96 pieces per bundle
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