05 Mar 2018
Northern Arizona Products Sizzler Grill BlockLite

In Flagstaff, outdoor grilling is a great way to bring people together, bringing people together while cooking delicious food. Having an effective grill is important for these gatherings, and at Block-Lite, you can find the best sizzler grill to meet your needs.

We have a wide selection of grill cabinets that can be installed outside in your backyard and incorporated into the architecture and style of your home, including:

40″ Sizzler Grill Cabinet
This cabinet includes 6 main burners with 875 square inches of cooking surface. At a size of 56” W x 28” D x 37’’ H, you will have plenty of space to cook your food, and with multiple burners, you can maximize your cooking time.

32″ Sizzler Grill Cabinet
This sizzler cabinet is a little smaller, with 740 square inches of cooking surface and including 4 main burners. This cabinet is especially handy for smaller yard sizes that can more easily accommodate a grill cabinet at the size of 48” W x 28” D x 37” H, while still having plenty of space to cook meals quickly.

Deluxe Rotisserie
Our Deluxe Rotisserie is an optional oven selection for our customers. With stainless steel and a heavy-duty motor, this will provide another flexible option for sizzling meals. It can carry up to 25 lbs. of food and cook it with an even heat.

With stainless steel exteriors and grates that won’t rust or corrode, we promise your grill be installed with high-quality materials. In addition, the customization for our sizzler grill cabinets includes the color of the cabinet and granite as well as size variations on the grill that you would like to have installed. Our grills are designed to be user-friendly, and with complete control over the heat levels thanks to the double-lined hoods, you can rely on our products to grill and smoke your food to perfection.

Contact Block-Lite to learn more about our selection of sizzler grill cabinets and the affordable prices that we offer. With our variety of grill cabinets, we can find the best one to meet your outdoor cooking requirements.