07 Mar 2018
Northern Arizona Colonial Fireplace Block Lite

With consistently chilly evenings in Flagstaff, spending time in your backyard can now be a fun, relaxing time with family and friends by investing in a compact fireplace from Block-Lite.

Our compact fireplaces have many qualities and features that make them desirable for small backyards, creating an inviting and cozy space in the backyard that encourages evening gatherings regardless of the weather outside.

Our compact fireplace kit includes protective firebrick that is aesthetically pleasing, and standing at 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, our fireplaces are an excellent choice for homeowners. Our compact fireplaces are popular selections because of their affordable prices, simplistic style, and eco-friendly features, helping maintain Flagstaff’s status as the environmentally-conscientious Dark Sky City. We offer a variety of optional compact fireplace kits and sets to meet the requirements of our customers as well, including:

Compact Fireplace Kit
Our compact fireplace kit automatically comes with 2.25 inches of protective firebrick, ensuring that the heat won’t damage it and maintain its sophisticated appearance.

Compact Wood Box Kit
An optional choice, this kit includes a wood box that can be positioned on the left or right side of the fireplace for ease of access and convenience.

Scarlet Oak Gas Log Set
An additional optional choice for our customers, our scarlet oak gas log set includes a stainless grate and burner and natural gas. The scarlet oak offers a beautiful appearance that replicates the quality of burning wood, making it an aesthetically pleasing option for customers looking for both high-end appearances and practicality.

At Block-Lite, we are proud to have many different types of fireplace and options that will be sure to catch your eye, and with an awareness for offering affordable and eco-friendly, smart selections, we guarantee satisfaction. Check out our website at www.block-lite.com for more features and selections of outdoor living kits and fireplaces.

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