04 May 2018
Northern Arizona Products Sizzler Grill BlockLite

The best spot for an outdoor BBQ would be an already-paved section of your backyard space. However, if you don’t have it paved yet, don’t fear! Your local office for Block-Lite is available for paving and creating the BBQ space of your dreams.

What We Offer
We have entire outdoor living kits available for your viewing and decision-making, including:

  • Sizzler Grill Cabinet
  • Side Burner Cabinet
  • Smoker Cabinet

These products, both individually and collectively, can make the backyard BBQ of your dreams into a reality.

How Our Products Are Perfect For All Of Our Customers
The Sizzler Grill Cabinet offers optimal airflow and even heating, making sure that your hot dogs, steaks, burgers, and chicken strips are cooked perfectly every time. Are you worried it’ll be too small for you? Don’t worry- it comes in a 40” and a 32” style, leaving the decision up to you.

The Side Burner Cabinet leaves room for total customization. It’s designed to ensure performance and function, making sure that your added in side-burner doesn’t fall behind. It has easy push-to-turn knob ignition, easy-glide stainless steel drawers, and 19.5” x 10.5” cooking surface. You can choose either a granite or a cabinet color.

The Smoker Cabinet boasts a proud 24” W x 24” D opening for your smoker, and it’s again your choice of granite or cabinet color. You can integrate it beside your side burner cabinet or beside your sizzler grill cabinet to smoke the meat right off the ribs that have been slow-roasting for a night. You’ll love how tender, juicy, and thick your meat is when you go to pull it apart using a smoker such as the one that can be hosted on the smoker cabinet.

Call Block-Lite For The Perfect Selection Of Outside Barbeque Kits
We’ve been a family-run business since 1995 and we don’t plan to stop yet. Our family isn’t just ours- your family is ours, too. We want to provide a good life, a happy life for you and your family and we truly believe that our hardscaping and masonry work can do so. Call our team at Block-Lite today for your addition or cabinet!

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