11 May 2018

At Block-Lite, we are a leading company in offering outdoor living features and paving solutions for Flagstaff and northern Arizona residents. Don’t hesitate to call Block-Lite if you want new pavers for your driveway.

Block-Lite has been in business since 1965 and began as a family-run operation. Our current owners are the third generation of their kind. We pride ourselves on our high-quality products and services, all readily available for your home or business. We offer both masonry and hardscape products for you to choose from, and our products last longer than time itself. We work hard to be efficient and organized, which makes projects go by much faster and give you the result you’re looking for in a timely fashion.

Our Driveway Paver Selections & Styles

We offer several styles of pavers, all available for your choosing:

  • Antique Kobble 2PC, 3PC, or REC
  • Antique Kobble Tumbled 3PC
  • Aviano
  • Holland Stone
  • Paseo
  • Sienna Embossed

All of these styles are available in a wide range of unique colors so that you can truly customize the pavers on your driveway.

Our Color Options

Each individual style of paver has a unique style, color, and texture:

  1. Antique Kobble
    Available in 2pc or 3pc combo, this is the region’s most popular paver and can be selected in 6 different colors.
  2. Antique Kobble Rec
    This option works 
    well with popular laying patterns like a basket weave or a herringbone and is available in 6 different colors
  3. Antique Kobble Tumbled 3PC
    This particular paver is only available in a 3pc combo and is available in 6 colors
  4. Aviano
    This selection resembles natural slate and has an enhanced appearance due to the rich blend of colors. This can be used in varied and structured patterns and can be chosen in 6 different colors.
  5. Holland Stone
    This is our most versatile stone selection. Available in 3 colors, these 4×8 pavers can be installed in any pattern.
  6. Paseo
    A smooth-surfaced paver option with a chamfered edge, our Paseo pavers work well with traditional or contemporary styles. Combined with Acker-Stone, it can create a beautiful pattern. These pavers are available in 6 colors.
  7. Sienna Embossed
    Sienna Embossed pavers have a consistent appearance and are available in four well-proportioned shapes. These driveway pavers are found in 6 colors.

Call us today at Block-Lite to transform the curb appeal of your home, with a new paver driveway.

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