25 Sep 2018
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When your home or business is anywhere from fifteen to twenty years old, it will start to show its age. Whether your exterior paint is cracking or the wood on your deck is rotting, it probably means it is time to replace some things around your Arizona home. One important way a home can display its age is with its pavers. The nicest of homes can lose value when driveways are deteriorating, and your backyard is not draining properly. Replacing pavers can be an overwhelming task, but there are five signs you can check for to see if you need new pavers.

Cracks In Your Pavers

Are there cracks forming in your driveway? When you pull into your driveway can you feel your wheels lowering or lifting? Cracking is a common issue that develops in asphalt and concrete pavers over time. In areas where these surfaces are subject to gas or oil, they have higher chances of worsening the cracks as well as contact with salt and other de-icing methods. If you live in colder areas like Flagstaff, it is more than possible that water will get into cracks and freeze to widen the crack itself.

Potholes In Your Flagstaff Driveway

Cracks can be mild annoyances whereas potholes in your driveway’s pavers can be extremely problematic, especially for your car. Potholes are damaging not only your tires, but your suspension as well. Large potholes occur when the ground underneath the paver shifts, expands, and contracts. As time goes on, the material above the pothole will start to weaken and begin to deteriorate all together.

Drainage Issues On Your Property

Drain issues can lead to serious damage such as an uneven or sloped surface. If your paver has water running down the middle or puddles of water in one or more areas, this can weaken the surface and cause the cracks and potholes in the first place. Water damage is no joke when it comes to the lifespan of your pavers.

Diminishing Paver Appearance

Pavers are constantly subject to the elements. The sun’s UV rays can cause fading in the natural elements of the paver and oxidize the surface causing its color to fade too. Your home or business has a specific aesthetic appeal that you want to keep looking fresh and pristine year-round. Rough appearance affects the durability of the paver, so make sure that it is not doing more damage than just looking weathered.

Lack of Resealing Flagstaff, Arizona

Just because your paver was sealed once does not mean it does not need to be sealed again. Just like anything on your home or business, there needs to be upkeep. It is important to reseal pavers like concrete or asphalt to guarantee that more serious deterioration does not occur.

Pavers keep your home looking polished and nice, so their upkeep is important to your residential property. If you are experiencing these signs, call your friendly team at Block-Lite today to assist you in the process of putting in new pavers. We are eager to assist you and guarantee you will be satisfied with your results.

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