21 Dec 2018
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Having Outdoor Masonry in the Winter

In Northern Arizona, the winter months can cause wear and tear to your outdoor masonry. If you have masonry work in or around your property, it may require special attention when the temperature drops. In the event that the temperature drops sufficiently low, masonry and stonework can suffer erosion and other winter conditions, leading to damage if left unchecked. To keep your hardscape or other masonry products in pristine condition, stay proactive by protecting it from winter.

How Winter Conditions Damage Your Stonework

During the winter, the cold weather inhibits a process called hydration. At normal temperatures, stonework absorbs and excretes water throughout the day. When the temperatures drop towards the point of freezing, the water within the stonework can freeze and expand, causing direct damage and accelerating erosion. If the regular cycle of hydration is stopped at low temperatures for long enough, cracks can form in the mortar, and prevent a proper connection from forming between the stonework and the mortar during construction.

Helpful Tips for Preventing Weather Damage After Construction

During construction, our stonemasons take special precautions to prevent the absorption of water into our proprietary mortar mixture. Our construction materials are protected throughout the process to specifically allow regular hydration to continue. Once your masonry project is completed, it will become necessary for preventative maintenance procedures to take place in order to ensure the stonework is kept in the best condition possible. After construction and during more mild winters, your masonry can be covered by a plastic sheet which prevents moisture condensing and reforming within the stonework. When the temperature drops towards the point of freezing, the plastic sheet can be replaced with an industrial insulating blanket, which will maintain heat around the stonework and prevent the entrance of water.

Blocklite Solutions for Your Weather Issues

With Block-Lite, our professionals provide you with the best masonry options in the industry that are built to last. Once purchasing your hardscape or paver materials from our company, make sure they are staying maintained throughout the year to keep the look you want for your home or business. Don’t wait to protect your stonework. Give us a call and protect your masonry today.

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