Ladder Mesh

Our ladder Mesh (also known as Ladder wire) is all 9 gauge, mill galvanized. It comes in 10′ lengths and can be purchased by the piece or by the bundle.


Ladder wire is a prefabricated joint reinforcement product for adding strength to a masonry assembly as well as adding crack and shrinkage resistance. It is applied to the horizontal mortar joints or bed joints. It comes in 10’ lengths as well as 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch widths depending on the block size being used. It also comes in 3 different finishes; mill galvanized which is standard, as well as hot dipped, or stainless steel.

#4 Ladder Mesh for 4″ block 50 per bundle 

#6 Ladder Mesh for 6″ block 50 per bundle

#8 Ladder Mesh for 8″ block 50 per bundle

#12 Ladder Mesh for 12″ block 50 per bundle

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