28 Jan 2019
Phoenix Arizona Sienna Embossed Block Lite

At Block-Lite, we are able to offer a wide range of products to fulfill the needs of our customers for indoor and outdoor masonry. Our range is characterized by durability, longevity and an economic price point. We are pleased to offer products that we believe will cater to the aesthetic and functional needs of our various customers.

Indoor Masonry

At Block-Lite, we make sure that our indoor indoor masonry products encompass two essential materials that will provide a variety of benefits to your home, traditional clay brick, and concrete block. Our brick offerings are characterized by the colored clay bricks that comprise most of traditional outdoor masonry. In contrast, our block offerings are the typical concrete cinder block that comes  in a variety of colors and finishes. Both of these lines of products are made with the Block-Lite promise of complete customer satisfaction.

Outdoor Masonry

In terms of outdoor masonry, we are able to offer a large selection of hardscape and masonry options. Our outdoor range is noted for its durability and it’s hydrophobic nature, helping prevent unnecessary weather damage and consequent expenses. Concrete block or clay brick are both available. Among the outdoor masonry products is our series of Outdoor Living Kits, each of which is a self-contained unit with all of the components necessary to construct your selection of any outdoor living feature.

Additional Masonry Products and Services

In addition to our masonry and hardscape products, Block-Lite is proud to offer our customers bagged products, such as commercial mortar, grout, cement. As well as steel rebar and other steel reinforcing components. Beyond this, we are also pleased to offer all of the tools and accessories necessary for masonry work and hardscape. We believe that providing complete and comprehensive range of products that will help you will fulfill your masonry needs.

Block-Lite Products Can Help You!

When you need indoor or outdoor masonry products for your residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal property, think of Block-Lite! Our high-quality materials and excellent customer service is a testament to belief in the quality of our products. We are able to provide our customers with comprehensive service to ensure complete satisfaction creating a space that is true to you. If you believe you require masonry or hardscape solutions, give our team of professionals at Block-Lite a call today.

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