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Block Lite Grand Fireplace

At Block-Lite, we are proud to supply beautiful Grand Fireplaces for our customer’s outside living spaces during the cool nights in Flagstaff.

Block Lite Contemporary Fireplace

With a modern edge, the Contemporary Fireplaces we offer will enhance your backyard with a comforting and inviting space.

Block Lite Victorian

At Block-Lite, our Victorian Fireplaces feature a classic design that is sophisticated and designed to be an elegant feature in backyards.

Block Lite Sizzler Grill

At Block-Lite, we offer grilling cabinets that sport durability and efficiency, offering ideal air flow and grilling precision.

Block Lite Outdoor Oven

The outdoor, wood-fired oven cabinets we offer are perfect for baking a variety of foods while being easy to use.

Block Lite Outdoor Kits

Block-Lite offers a wide range of outdoor kits for customers to select. Check out our catalog to learn more.

Outdoor Living Kits Information

outdoor-living-kits Flagstaff Arizona
As a company located in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona, we know Flagstaff. With the beautiful pine trees and nature surrounding, it is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. At Block-Lite we help you to enjoy the outdoors better with our outdoor living kits. We design and implement beautiful fireplaces and barbecues, so you can enjoy your backyard in luxury with ease. Our outdoor living kits are an investment in yourself, your family, and your friends. At them, you can enjoy family dinners under the stars, community bonfires, barbeques, or parties. Or you could even sit outside near the fireplace on a chilly Flagstaff night and still enjoy the comfort of the heat while you gaze at the stars in America’s dark sky city.

Our outdoor living kits help you to enjoy what you already have in the beautiful outdoors even better. They are always well made to last you years or possibly generations in the future.

With a wide variety of different options, there is something for everyone. Whether you intend to use your fireplace or barbeque system for intimate family events, or larger parties, we will be able to find and make something that will suit your needs perfectly. There is durability and range in every one of our pieces and they are well equipped to suit your outdoor living needs. Our fireplaces include our:

Grand Fireplace

This large gorgeous piece stands over eight feet tall and up to twelve feet wide. It is the perfect center to any outdoor living room and has mass appeal due to its grandeur, universal design, and aged sophistication. This is the perfect fireplace for anyone who loves the look of old buildings and brick. It is perfect for anyone who hopes to warm their family and friends and to spend countless hours enjoying their fireplace and yard.

Contemporary Fireplace

The contemporary fireplace incorporates a cleanly modern look for the minimalism that so many people hope for in this day and age. This fireplace creates the perfect backyard center for homes with a sophisticated style. It is the perfect piece to add warmth and functionality without being too flashy, and yet it is still an elegant addition to any home. It comes with a ventless, stainless steel insert that uses electronic ignition, a glass windscreen, and a glass bead fire bed. This fireplace is perfect for the modern home.

Victorian Fireplace

This fireplace is highly durable due to its 2.25-inch-thick firebrick. Although functional with the durability, this thickness also adds to the appearance of this fireplace. It will quickly become the centerpiece in any backyard and will amaze all who see it. It is larger and taller than the compact fireplace but not so big that it takes over the whole yard. Enjoy the comfort of a fireplace that will withstand the elements and the test of time with this Victorian Fireplace.

Compact Fireplace

Just barely over six feet high and three feet wide, this fireplace is the perfect fireplace for smaller living areas. Do not miss out on your perfect outdoor living room just because you have a smaller backyard or patio. This Compact Fireplace gives you the best of both worlds in the space you already love. With high-temperature protective firebrick, it will endure the elements and have the brick aesthetic everyone loves. This option is not only luxurious, but is also affordable, has a smaller footprint, and is a minimalist style that modern homeowners will enjoy.

Colonial Fireplace

This fireplace is classic and will allow you and your family and friends to enjoy a classic wood fire on cool evenings. We also have fire rings for people who enjoy a more classic fire pit. Our high-quality fire rings include our:

This fire ring adds charm and efficiency to any backyard. Made with a Rockwood fire ring block and a U.S. Park Service grade steel insert, it will last you for as long as you need to use it. Enjoy this beautiful ring with smores or just to stay warm during a night under the stars.

Victorian Fire Ring

Our Victorian Fire Ring is the perfect accommodation for backyards that a round ring does not fit well in. This square pit allows anyone with any yard to enjoy the luxury of a fire pit in the yard of their dreams.

Our barbeque systems and furniture include but are not limited to our:

Sizzler Grill Cabinet

This grill is designed with even the grill master in mind. The precision with which it was created ensures the highest durability and performance level for a much more affordable price than many other competing grills. With optimal airflow and even heating, this grill is perfect for the family who loves to grill.

Outdoor Oven Cabinet

This Outdoor Oven Cabinet is perfect for baking anything in minutes. As a wood-fired outdoor oven, you will be able to enjoy the mouth-watering and distinct taste of a wood fire oven with the ease of use of a Block-Lite product. This oven is perfect for anyone who loves to bake but does not like the hassle of a complicated system. Perfect for small or larger gatherings, you will fall in love with this oven.

Grand Island Bar Series

This bar is perfect for anyone who likes to cook and entertain. As the perfect tool that includes a Vermont Castings three-burner cast iron/stainless steel grill, an infrared rotisserie burner, and a brushed stainless-steel storage door, this Grand Island Bar Series is great for any type of barbecuing you would like to do. Enjoy any style of outdoor dining with this comprehensive system.

We truly do have something for everyone. To find out what would best suit your needs and wants, call today to find the best outdoor living kit for your needs!

Block-Lite exists to bring you the highest quality masonry and hardscape products. Everything we do is durable and sustainable and will last, bringing you many years of comfort and enjoyment. As the leader in quality and innovation since 1995, we have been using our resources and knowledge to implement these high-quality products in an effort to emphasize a family atmosphere and to give back to others.

As a 3rd generation family-owned and operated business in Flagstaff, Arizona, the tradition of high-quality work and excellence has been passed down from generation to generation. The values and traditions embedded in our lives shine through our work and cause a more cohesive and beautiful product. Our extremely experienced and reliable staff are only part of why the knowledge and efficiency with which we make and sell our products is the best in the industry.

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