22 Oct 2018
Block Lite Northern Arizona Masonry Products

For the skilled professional or the weekend warrior, finding the best masonry tools in Northern Arizona will make the job easier. A mason needs the best quality tools and materials to ensure the job is completed with superb craftsmanship and will last for decades to come.

While shopping for the best masonry tools in Northern Arizona, you’ll need to develop a list of tools and materials you’ll need to complete any given job. Some of the most common masonry materials include:

  • Brick Trowel: The brick trowel is similar to a spatula-type tool that varies in size from 10 to 14 inches. The trowel holds and spreads mortar that a mason lays between bricks or rocks.
  • Spirit Level: This masonry tool is usually wood or metal and is laid against the brickwork to ensure the bricks are level and vertical, or plumb.
  • Bolster: A bolster is used to cut bricks. The edge should be kept sharp to ensure it works properly.
  • Concrete Masonry Units: Contrary to popular belief, concrete blocks do come in different styles. Your job may call for bullnose, fluted, flashed or any of the many other types of concrete masonry materials.
  • Bagged Masonry Goods: When you create your own mortar or concrete, you want to start with the best materials. Block-Lite offers a number of bagged products that will support your large or small job.
  • Steel Reinforcement: No matter the job, you’ll have to secure it in some way to ensure it can withstand harsh weather, natural disasters and everyday life. Steel reinforcement like rebar adds shear strength to a masonry project.

The best masonry products in Northern Arizona can be found at Block-Lite. Our complete line of clay brick, bagged products, and tools and accessories offer the quality you need to complete any level masonry job. For questions about the best products for your job, contact Block-Lite Masonry.

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