26 Mar 2019
Kobble Stone Arizona Retailer

At Block-Lite, we are proud to offer a variety of masonry materials to meet your construction needs, whether you’re building a new home or a new business. One of the most efficient and effective materials we use are concrete blocks, which are a strong, durable alternative to traditional building materials which are more susceptible to rot, mold, and infestations.

  1.     Resists the Elements

Many residential and commercial property owners choose to construct their home or business with concrete blocks because of their superior ability to resist damaging elements. Blocks beat out traditional materials like wood when it comes to durability because wood can attract mildew and rot in areas that experience extended periods of moisture, compromising the stability of your structure over time. Extreme weather can also cause significant damage, but block structures can withstand winds of over 200 miles an hour as well as fires because cement is not flammable. Additionally, homes and businesses built with blocks are more resistant to common headaches like termites and other household pests.

  1.     Energy Conservation

Block structures are excellent at conserving energy because they have a lot of thermal mass. The insulation the blocks provide ensure that warm air from your heater and cold air from your air conditioner won’t easily escape your home or business, helping to keep your energy costs as low as possible. The density of concrete homes also works to soundproof space, making it a viable option for property owners who are looking to minimize the effects of noise pollution from outside.

  1.     Environmentally Friendly

Due to their insulating abilities, concrete blocks effectively reduce the need for energy production, making them an environmentally-friendly option for property owners as well as the creating a spacecommunity. Their long life cycle also means that materials don’t go to waste and they do not need to be routinely replaced. Block structures can last for hundreds of years when properly maintained.

  1.     Color and Texture Selection

Masonry technology has advanced significantly in the past few decades to offer property owners a wide variety of choices when it comes to block color and texture. Today, concrete buildings come in an array of colors aside from the standard gray that comes to mind when most people think of concrete. The integral color pigments of modern blocks ensure an even distribution of the rich, natural colors and the longevity of the color retention. You can also choose from a selection of textures that include smooth, rough, fluted, stri-face, and split face to meet your specific design expectations. Click here to see how we’re upgrading our manufacturing process with solar energy!

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