15 May 2020
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10 Easy Backyard Ideas

There are few things better than hanging out in the backyard, relaxing alone or with family and friends. The American backyard is where we go to grill some bratwurst and stuffed peppers, play corn-hole with the kids, relax with a margarita and a book, or spend late nights with friends while laughing over drinks.

At Block-Lite we recognize the importance of creating a space where people can gather and enjoy their time together. With thousands of features, materials, and layouts to influence your backyard experience, we’ve made it our mission to simplify the hard part, the hardscape.

We’ve assembled some of our most popular backyard improvement projects into easy-to-assemble kits. We are grateful to be Flagstaff’s choice when it comes to landscape products and supply.

Without further ado, our landscape design team introduces 10 Backyard Ideas featuring Block-Lite’s Outdoor Living Kits.

#1: Add a Fire Feature

Bring the magic and warmth of a fire feature into your yard with a Block-Lite fireplace or fire ring kit. Adding a fire feature means making s’mores with the kids on a weeknight and it turns a grilled meal for two into a romantic date night. As one of our most popular products, we’ve created six fireplace designs and two fire ring kits that can add the perfect flavor to your backyard. 

Our fire ring kits and fireplace kits make it easy to assemble a safe and functional outdoor feature, with no additional tools required. Most designs have options for gas and wood fuel.

Northern Grand Fire Ring Block Lite

Fire Pit vs Fireplace

When considering the difference between an outdoor fireplace and a fire pit for your backyard, there are various benefits of both to consider. We like to think of the fireplace as a centerpiece for an outdoor living room, while the backyard fire pit accentuates and adds functionality to an outdoor space.

A firepit is a great addition to any large gathering because gathering around the fire is a natural comfort. There is nothing quite like hanging out around the fire with friends, from dancing in a ring to our favorite songs, to deep conversations and ghost stories over firelight. In addition, a fire pit is great for casual gatherings, because it brings up feelings of the campfire and our primal ancestry.

The fireplace is a better fit for small gatherings because it creates a cozy outdoor space with a focused source of comfortable heat.

While the fireplace brings all the same energy, it adds to the visual appeal of the space with a more formal and contained appearance of the fire feature.

When it’s not an easy choice between a fire ring or fireplace, we recommend considering a Block-Lite fire pit with built-in seating. To really fill-out the outdoor living room, check out our grill features, tables, and pillars below.

If you’re looking for a more formal outdoor experience, we recommend the Victorian fireplace kit. For a more casual space, our compact and contemporary fireplaces might be a good fit.

#2: Choose Between Wood Buring or Gas

For those of us that love starting and maintaining a wood fire, it’s an obvious choice. Each Block-Lite Outdoor Living fire feature comes with a wood-burning option for the hands-on fire stokers. The optional wood-storage add-ons store up to a quarter cord of wood each and make stoking the fire an easy operation.

Former boy scout, that I am, I still prefer the ease of use and cleanliness that comes with gas fuel. And since, I’m not frequently cooking over the firepit, I don’t mind sacrificing the woody smoke. Just turn the knob and press the electric starter and we’re ready to crack open a cold one. Our kits come equipped for natural gas or propane fuel options. 

#3: Dining Tables Built to Last

There are few things better than enjoying a meal outdoors with the family on a mild summer evening. At our home, the backyard table is the center of every outdoor meal. And when the meal is over, we play Go Fish with the kids, and when they’re off to bed we break out the cigars and play a few hands of Texas Hold’Em.

If you want outdoor furniture that will last a life-time, look good, and bring your family together over a meal then the outdoor living kit tables are the best value for your dollar on the market. Never replace a plastic or metal table again, never deal with refinishing, create a memorable space that you can pass onto the next generation of homeowners.

It’s easier to maintain than most outdoor furniture, it wears in and doesn’t wear out. Even then it will be a decade before you notice the soft wear in the blocks where Dad leans his arms or the shallow divots in the seats from years of use. Summer meals outside will never be the same.

Block-Lite outdoor table kits come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your space.

Northern Arizona Tables Product Block Lite

#4: Elegant Water Features

When we are trying to create a peaceful relaxing space, there is no better addition than a water feature to add another layer of serenity to your backyard. 

An outdoor waterfall fountain creates the calming sound of moving water and a stunning visual that pairs well with every green space.

Our pondless waterfall kit includes everything you need to set up a backyard waterfall. We’ve created a kit that is easy to set up, maintain, and especially easy to winterize because we’re very familiar with the effects a Flagstaff winter can have on the moving parts.

With options for large and small spaces, and the outdoor fountain is a favorite for families that spend a lot of time in their gardens.

Flagstaff Arizona Waterfalls Product Block Lite

#5: Pillars and Seating

Clearly define the patio from the backyard and create a sense of space, like a room, on your patio.

There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to the block pillars and seating kits. 

The simple and elegant block design compliments brick paver patios and the lighting option for pillars is a natural addition to any paver walkway or grand entrance. Easy to set up and maintain, the Block-Lite seat wall kits are a functional addition to any lush garden.

For a backyard design idea that pairs well with literally every option on this list, look no further than the pillar and seating options provided by the Block-Lite Outdoor Living kits. Backyard pillar and seating kits come in square and radius options to fit every outdoor space.

Whether you choose the Lakeland or Riverland block set, you’ll be sure to have a comfortable and stylish block bench.

Bricks Northern Arizona Product Block Lite

#6: Outdoor Kitchen

More so than the table or the fireplace, the kitchen is the favorite gathering place for foodie families. So as you reach the next phase of life in your home, you can feel a tinge of success when you replace the beer cooler for a patio fridge and a weber for a built-in grill. Entertaining in your backyard is taken to another level with an outdoor kitchen. 

Not just a grill station, your outdoor kitchen can have it all. We offer the whole range, from grill kits to side burners, refrigerators, and wet bars. Each unit is self-contained, allowing you to create the perfect functional layout for your backyard chef.

Northern Arizona Products Kitchen Cabinet BlockLite

An outdoor kitchen is more affordable than ever with Block-Lite’s Outdoor Living Kitchen Kits. Just like every Block-Lite feature, they are easy to set up, maintain, and they’re customizable for your space.

#7: Pizza Oven

Strictly for foodies and pizza lovers, the Block-Lite Outdoor Pizza Oven kit brings families together over the timeless art of pizza making.

Block Lite Outdoor OvenCheck out our woodbox cabinet and pizza oven.

With a tradition that goes back millennia, Mom and Dad will be able to impress their family with home-made pizza. Whether you like it Neapolitan style or New York style, you’ll be the star of the pizza party 

#8: Outdoor Bar & Grill

The grill master’s of the neighborhood will peak over the fence with envy as your bratwursts sizzle. Standalone grill stations are a popular option for backyard entertaining, the only question is “burger or dog?”

Check out our Grand Island Bar and Grill Series

Northern Arizona Grand Island Block Lite

Block-Lite’s Outdoor Living Grill Station kits come in multiple sizes and are often paired with an outdoor fridge and an outdoor bar kit.

#9: Pavers

When it comes to defining outdoor space, there is no simpler or easier option than a paver surface. For many, the paver patio is the first step in redesigning their outdoor living room. Unlike concrete or flagstone, pavers offer a timeless style, endless design options, and durability. 

They’re not just for patios, driveway pavers are a more elegant choice than asphalt or concrete. And the best part is they require little to no maintenance for decades.

Block-Lite offers a simple variety of options for paving stones. Our Holland Stone pavers provided an economical way to provide simplistic beauty and class to any outdoor space. Our cobblestone pavers show a more traditional and timeless aspect at an affordable price point as well. For those looking for a little more luxury and sophistication, our Ridge Stone line will not disappoint. All our pavers come in 4 beautiful color blends that are complemented by our local mountain colors.  

Flagstaff Arizona Antique Kobbl Block Lite
#10: Landscape Walls

If ever there was a question where the garden ends and yard begins, a landscape wall is an answer. While they maximize and define functional yard space, hardscape walls can also be used to create garden beds, planters, and help to eliminate drainage issues.

Whether you’re relaxing, playing games, or gardening, the addition of well-placed landscape walls adds functionality and value to your home.

Block-lite retaining wall blocks match perfectly with our pavers to create a unified landscape from patio to edging. Hardscape walls live up to their name as they are resilient and last for decades with little to no maintenance.  

We offer a wide variety of walls with unique aesthetics to fit your backyard style. From the sophisticated look of an old brick using our Lakeland and Riverland wall units to the classic look of the traditional stone face using our classic and cottage stone wall units. We have an option that will fit your budget and style.

We hope some of these ideas give you the inspiration to imagine your background as the perfect place to relax and entertain. There’s no limit to the possibilities for your backyard when it comes to mixing and matching Block-Lite’s Outdoor Living Kits. If you have any questions, please reach out to a Block-Lite landscape design specialist for tips on choosing the right mix for your space.

Did you know the Lowell Observatory was built with Block-Lite blocks?


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