01 Sep 2018
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Outdoor kits offer superior results and substantial cost savings that make them an excellent option for every Flagstaff, Arizona homeowner. Here are the top five reasons you’ll love your outdoor kit from Block-Lite.

Reason 1: Beautiful Styles

Block-Lite’s outdoor kits make stylish outdoor rooms simple to create, so you can easily create the perfect hardscape that fits your unique personality. Outdoor kits come in a variety of styles carefully designed to create a specific aesthetic, from the traditional Southwest to romantic Victorian to classic Colonial. The designs and materials coordinate for a seamless look, so there’s no danger of spending weeks picking out stone and tile only to find that it’s not as attractive on your patio as it was in the showroom. Outdoor kits provide design-quality results without the time and expense.

Reason 2: Ease of Installation

Outdoor kits also make large-scale exterior remodeling projects easy and convenient. Kits come complete with all the parts and materials needed to complete your desired design, including plumbing hardware, doors and cabinets, cooking components, and water features. If you enjoy a do-it-yourself project, you can follow the specifications to install your kit yourself. Or, if you’d rather let someone else do the dirty work, Block-Lite can point you to qualified contractors who provide reliable results. Building your dream outdoor room is simple with outdoor kits.

Reason 3: Affordability

Another important reason to choose outdoor kits is their natural affordability. When you choose a kit, you get to take advantage of the manufacturer’s bulk discounts on supplies and materials, which reduces the cost on the components. It’s the difference between buying one pallet of stone for yourself or enjoying the savings Block-Lite receives for buying hundreds of pallets of stone every year. You get all the beauty of a custom-designed outdoor living space but with the substantial savings that come from “some assembly required.”

Reason 4: Faster Results

If you want your hardscaping project finished quickly, outdoor kits are a much better option. The time to source materials for fully-custom hardscaping, wait for delivery of the parts from multiple suppliers, and deal with unexpected problems can make the process take much longer than expected. Outdoor kits arrive complete with all the necessary components, and they can generally be installed by a single contractor to make the process quick and easy. You don’t have to wait to enjoy your new room when you opt for an outdoor kit.

Reason 5: Long-Lasting

Outdoor kits are also the best choice for long-term enjoyment, thanks to durable construction and parts availability. Material availability often changes quickly, so that special Italian slate tile that you used for your custom project may not be available anymore if one breaks or begins to wear. You’ll usually end up with one or two tiles that don’t quite go with the rest, leaving an ugly distortion. Outdoor kits include parts that are easily replaceable, so you never have to worry that your living space will develop that patchwork look.

If you want a beautiful, customized outdoor living space for your Flagstaff, AZ home quickly, easily, and affordable, order your Block-Lite Outdoor Kit today. We have the styles you love at the price you want, so contact our team today!

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