Classic Retaining Wall 6

Classic 6 Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks in Flagstaff

Block-lite’s Classic 6 concrete retaining wall block is a high-performance block that appeals to and is used by homeowners, contractors, landscapers, and designers. The classic 6 concrete block’s primary use is in landscaping projects. These units are perfect for decorative retaining walls by providing solid soil retention.

The Classic 6 concrete block’s lower profile provides a longer, smoother appearance compared to a traditional retaining wall block without sacrificing any of the special features of the Rockwood Classic family of products. The Classic 6 concrete blocks are flexible and versatile concrete blocks for retaining walls. They are capable of sharp radius turns and variable setbacks to provide endless design possibilities. The Classic 6 is the perfect block for any retaining wall project. Submit an order today if you are ready to upgrade your landscaping project with the Classic 6 decorative concrete blocks.

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The Classic 6 concrete retaining wall block features include:

Anchor bar- Located on the underside of each Classic® block, the 4" x 2" Anchor Bar creates an automatic setback with the highest shear resistance in the industry.

“One Unit” construction- This means that 90° corners and half blocks are made simply by removing a portion of the block. No special blocks are required.

Radius turns- Mean that the Classic 6 can fit almost any shape.


The concrete block sizes for the Classic 6 blocks offered by Block-Lite are:

Straight Split: Size: 6" H x 18" W x 12" D, Weight: 60 lbs.

Upon assembly, Classic blocks automatically create 4" x 5" vertical “stone columns”. When layered with grid, the gravel-filled “stone columns” provide a multi-point interlock, for a more uniform block-to-grid connection.


Block-Lite’s Classic 6 concrete retaining wall block comes in a variety of colors to ensure that no matter the space you can find the right block to fit. Current color offerings include: Tan, Desert, Bluestone, Sante Fe & Grey.

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Classic Retaining Wall 6
Material Calculator

Find out how much material you need for your next project with the material calculator below. Contact us if you have any questions or to place an order.


Classic 6 Wall 6x18x12 1.3 33.75 5452615 Ibs.57 lbs.
Classic 6 Base 6x18x12 1.3 33.75 5452615 Ibs.57 lbs.
Classic 6 Half 6x9x122.625 lbs.
Classic 6 Corner 6x16x4.51.425 lbs.
Universal Cap 4x18x10.5 2.5 28.8 8723578 lbs.49 lbs.

Benefits of Concrete Block Walls

Concrete blocks offer many advantages in landscaping and construction projects compared to alternative materials. One of the biggest advantages of using classic concrete blocks is the natural strength of concrete as a building material. Concrete is a much stronger material due to the manufacturing process that tightly packs the aggregate together, making the concrete stronger than other common building materials. The strength gained from the manufacturing process means that concrete will be much more resistant to wear and tear and further damage. Concrete that is especially resistant to wear makes it especially effective for retaining walls as concrete block walls are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions such as floods, hot temperatures, strong winds, and even fire.

Another major advantage of concrete barrier blocks is their versatility. Block-Lite offers blocks for retaining walls in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and designs, so no matter your landscaping vision, you can find a block that fits your needs. In addition to the diversity of the type of blocks offered, they also provide unmatched flexibility when it comes to design. A wall made from concrete blocks can take almost any shape to guarantee the final project is what you envisioned.

Finally, a concrete block wall has a lower material and installation cost than other methods. Once installed, your new block retaining wall will not require frequent maintenance.

5 Ways Concrete Block Walls Are Used In Landscaping

Concrete block retaining walls are a versatile tool in any landscaper’s arsenal. Almost any yard can benefit in one way or another from utilizing concrete blocks in their landscaping. Here are some benefits of choosing concrete for your landscaping wall project.

Control Erosion– A concrete block retaining wall is a great way to control erosion in your landscaping. Due to the high resilience of concrete, a retaining wall is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions such as floods, hot temperatures, strong winds, and even fire. The resiliency of concrete walls makes them great options for areas that experience high wear from natural forces.

Level Slopes– Installing a concrete block retaining wall is a great way to eliminate a hard-to-mow slope in your yard or add a level of protection in any areas with a high drop or otherwise potentially dangerous features like bodies of water and roads.

Create A Raised Garden/Flower Bed– Decorative concrete blocks make a great addition to any yard. A common application for small walls is the creation of raised gardens and flowerbeds. Not only does this enhance the appearance of your garden, but a raised bed can increase its productivity. The soil in raised beds is often less compact than in traditional gardens—less compact soil results in better drainage and a better growing atmosphere for your garden!

Line/Support A Patio– Concrete blocks are a great addition to an existing patio to define the outdoor living space. Patio walls are great for homeowners with pets or small children to better keep an eye on them, in addition to lining a patio. If needed, a concrete block foundation can be used to help level and support an ideal patio area.

Add Definition To Any Existing Yard Feature– With the high versatility of concrete blocks, the sky is the limit for the number of applications you can use throughout your landscaping project. Some examples include highlighting natural yard features like trees, ponds, paths, gardens, and more!

More Concrete Wall Block Options

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Why Choose Block-Lite?

If you are in Northern Arizona and searching for “concrete blocks near me” look no further than Block-Lite. Block-Lite is proud to be a 3rd generation family-owned and operated business that brings a tradition of excellence, quality, and innovation in masonry and hardscape products. If you are ready to upgrade your outdoor space with high-quality masonry and hardscape products then contact us today!

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