15 Oct 2018
Northern Arizona Home with Classic 6 Retaining Wall

Whether you’re making improvements to your home or you’ve just bought a piece of property and you’re preparing for upgrades, there are a few signs you may need a retaining wall on your property. Retaining walls in Flagstaff, AZ can help give needed support to prevent portions of your property from shifting downhill because of natural erosion. Essentially, your retaining wall is fighting gravity, and attempting to keep your property in its current state – all while bringing a visual element to your yard, garden or driveway.

Signs a Retention Wall is Needed

Even if your property has no current damage or visible threat of downhill erosion, there are signs your property could benefit from a retaining wall.

  • Control downhill erosion. If your property is positioned on or at the base of a downward slope, you can use a retaining wall to decrease the angle of the slope. Building a retaining wall on your property will help minimize downhill erosion.
  • Shifting soil threatens your foundation. Erosion has the ability to threaten your home’s foundation. A retaining wall can help build solid soil retention, avoid any further erosion of a downhill foundation. If erosion – either from time or a natural cause, such as an earthquake – is threatening your home’s foundation, a retention wall can be a great benefit.

The beauty of adding a retaining wall to your property is that the wall doesn’t just hold back soil and create a blockade for shifting dirt. Retaining walls can also be used as landscaping enhancements, additional seating in outdoor areas, and to produce a garden.

In addition, retaining walls help manage water runoff. Water that can easily cause soil to become saturated and create landslides will be captured in the retaining walls drainage system, when you have the retaining wall installed by experienced professionals.

While many home projects are designed for the weekend DIYers, a retaining wall needs to be designed and installed by the professionals. When properly installed, a retaining wall will look great, protect your property and last for years to come. At Block-Lite we’re here to help you with planning your retaining wall, so give us a call today!

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