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Our Lintels are available in the following sizes and can be cut for custom openings.


Lintels provide structural strength to carry the load of the block above a door or window opening. Please note the required specifications on your plans or consult an engineer to determine proper size and type. Custom lintels may be special ordered.

2′ 0″ PF Lintels
2′ 4″ PF Lintels
2′ 8″ PF Lintels
3′ 4″ PF Lintels
3′ 8″ PF Lintels
4′ 0″ PF Lintels
4′ 8″ PF Lintels
5′ 4″ PF Lintels
5′ 8″ PF Lintels
6′ 8″ PF Lintels
7′ 4″ PF Lintels
7′ 8″ PF Lintels
8′ 8″ PF Lintels

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