11 May 2018
Kobble Stone Arizona Retailer
At Block-Lite, we are a leading company in offering outdoor living features and paving solutions for Flagstaff and northern Arizona residents. Don’t hesitate to call Block-Lite if you want new pavers for your driveway. Block-Lite has been in business since 1965 and began as a family-run operation. Our current owners are the third generation of their kind. We pride...
04 May 2018
Sizzler Stainless Steel Grill for Concrete Block Outdoor Kitchen Kit
The best spot for an outdoor BBQ would be an already-paved section of your backyard space. However, if you don’t have it paved yet, don’t fear! Your local office for Block-Lite is available for paving and creating the BBQ space of your dreams.
07 Mar 2018
Northern Arizona Colonial Fireplace Block Lite
With consistently chilly evenings in Flagstaff, spending time in your backyard can now be a fun, relaxing time with family and friends by investing in a compact fireplace from Block-Lite. Our compact fireplaces have many qualities and features that make them desirable for small backyards, creating an inviting and cozy space in the backyard that...
05 Mar 2018
Sizzler Stainless Steel Grill for Concrete Block Outdoor Kitchen Kit
In Flagstaff, outdoor grilling is a great way to bring people together, bringing people together while cooking delicious food. Having an effective grill is important for these gatherings, not to mention there are a lot of benefits to outdoor living, and at Block-Lite, you can find the best sizzler grill to meet your needs. We...
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